Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Soon To Be Chalkboards!

I love my signs but I also love my chalkboards.  There is nothing like finding a nice frame and fixing it up to make a chalkboard to write fun things on.  Messages to a loved one, a bible verse to feed your soul, grocery list, your menu for the day, put it in your living room with your TV programs for the night...the possibilities are endless!  A few of my frames are already painted and ready to buy but I also have some for you to pick your own colors for me to create you your own fun chalkboard for your home!  Just let me know what frame you want and I will fix it up and make you a new, fresh chalkboard!  ENJOY!

This picture is PERFECT for a boy's room!  Only $20!  It will be a chalkboard when you get it!  19"x15"
This is perfect for a little girl's room!  ONLY $20!  It will be a nice, fresh chalkboard when you get it! 19x15"
This Olive Green chalkboard is PERFECT for a kitchen!  It's ONLY $25!  It will be a chalkboard after you order it.  23x17.5"
This 26x22" frame is waiting for a color of your choice for ONLY $30!  It's a huge frame and will be a beautiful chalkboard!
23.5x17.5 frame is ready for the color of your choice!  ONLY $25!  ENJOY!

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